We have all the technologies described below, which means that our customers will ALWAYS be able to obtain spare parts for any model we manufacture within a reasonable time.

Composite materials - Manual lamination
Manual lamination is very time-consuming method of production, suitable for the most complex shapes that can not be produced by other technology, such as propeller blades or some parts of the e-glider´s body.

Winding of composite parts
Winding of composite materials, especially carbon, produces parts with the highest ratio of weight to strength. Most often we wind foam core with finishing in the negative form. This way we produce prop cage and frame support parts since 2017.

Laminating of RTM / RIM composites
Laminating RTM / RIM (injection or vacuum injection) is demanding technology and is suited for smaller and complicated shapes where is needed combination of load, strength and vibration resistance. Thanks to this technology, we mainly produce roots of fixed and tilting propeller.

Pre-preg composites
Advantage of pre-impregnated fabrics is the strength to weight ratio of the final product, curing takes place during very high temperatures, together with use of best ratio of binder and fiber we achieve strength comparable to metals. With this technology we produce adjustable propeller hubs and some extremely stressed parts of the load bearing structure.

BLDC motors
Brushless motors - electronically commutated motors is widely used technology. Advantage of these motors is weight to torque ratio which is of course important in aviation. Other benefits include minimal maintenance and long service life when motor is set up correctly. All models of our motors are designed in cooperation with Electro-technical Faculty and are manufactured using the best available materials, directly in our company. Each motor is tuned for particular unit, which ensures optimal function of the complete system.

Precision CNC machining
Now-days, Computer Numerical Control technology is commonplace in every production, we use it for engine and propeller parts.

3D printing
This is modern and highly efficient production technology for small-scale production. With this technology, we are able to respond very quickly to any changes, not only to produce small parts but also to create forms for production of composite parts.